Brainwave Entrainment and Synchronization in the Modern World

Free Brainwave Entrainment Download

I've wanted to provide a free brainwave entrainment download for a while now.  At last, thanks to Brainwave-Sync I can do that.  This is a short relaxation file, set to the Alpha Frequency.  It's about 10 minutes long, which is a fair length.  Your brain will start to synchronize to the frequency within 6 minutes or so.  My advice when listening to this sort of audio, is don't have any goals in your mind, don't worry too much if you have a lot of thoughts in your head.  Let you mind do as it will, and simply trust to the audio.  This is how brainwave entrainment works, and it is why I find it so useful.

The download is around 22mb in size, so it is quite large if you are on a dial-up connection.  I hope you enjoy this brainwave entrainment audio.

Free Brainwave Entrainment Download - Alpha Relaxation