Brainwave Entrainment and Synchronization in the Modern World

Welcome to my Site

Hi, and welcome to my site!  This is my first attempt at writing a website - so I hope you can go easy on this old fella.  Thanks for tuning in. :)


Something About Brainwave Entrainment

For a few years now, I have been studying a little something called brainwave entrainment.  I must tell you it is most fascinating, wonderful even.  And why do you think that is?  Well it's because it have given me a wealth of experiences which I would not have occasioned to have had.  So it's quite true that the subject matter of brainwave entrainment is near and dear to my heart.  It's amusing now to think back on those old mind machines, I think I actually scoffed back in the day when I first saw one of them.  Little did I know that at the turn of the millennium I too would be using that very same brainwave technology.  But of course today it is a lot easier, no flashing lights or strange large boxes, no, today we can simply buy a CD with all the different brainwave frequencies we could ever dream of.

Talking of dreams, that is one of my favoured brainwave entrainment activities.  I discovered lucid dreaming you see, with some help from specific brainwave entrainment CDs designed for just that purpose.  Now I simply go to bed listening to a lucid dream brainwave entrainment audio and before you know it Bob's you Uncle!  I'm dreaming.  Lucid dreaming truly is a great experience.  Of course, after a few months practice I have since been able to lucid dream almost any time I want.  Funny the perks old age can bring. 

There's also a certain sense of peacefulness found in certain brainwave entrainment records.  For example the relaxing alpha frequency puts me into a very tranquil state, in some ways it reminds me of the quietude I find in church, or in same cases on my visits into the larger cathedrals.  I do like alpha brainwave entrainment for that reason alone.  Theta frequency  is also very nice but for quite different reasons!

I have been trying to generate some interest about brainwave entrainment at my coffee evenings.  The chaps do seems to be perking up to the idea, I would just so love to share this.  How nice would that be?  There are just so many uses to all of this, I do believe Ted would find the Epsilon frequency so useful, I'm sure it would be beneficial to him.  But all that said, I do love my evenings in with a good brainwave entrainment CD record.  I would like to put a sample on my website if I can figure out how to do it, that would be an interesting project for me I think.

Well that is enough for now, my next update will have to be about something other than brainwave entrainment I am sure.

Self Improvement and Development through Entrainment

Technology travels ahead at an ever fast rate, and over the recent few decades, the lines which at one time blurred the scientific divisions are evaporating.  This is something that is particularly apparent in the field of brainwave entrainment, an arena which uses technology to control the brainwaves of the anthropomorphic psyche.  This is a science which now enables a person to control a remote device with the power of thought. This technology has recently seen a massive development within the consumer marketplace.

Imagine laying in bed, wanting to sleep and knowing that all you have to do is switch your brain into the delta frequency.  Lack of concentration could no longer be a problem as all the individual needs to do is enter the beta state.  This is the potential with brainwave entrainment has to offer us all.  Kung-Fu artists realize that, one of the aims is to perpetually repeat the forms and moves so that eventually your body itself recalls the movements.  This is known as muscle memory.  In much the same way, brainwave entrainment offers the same abilities to your very mind. With practice you will be able to switch frequency at a moment's notice, this is a key to unlocking all of your potential.

Wisdom comes with years, yet brainwave entrainment has the potential to offer us a broader self-awareness. This is a practice for people from all walks of life and all ages. In fact those in later life sometimes have a deeper depth of spiritual awareness, which can be especially useful when exploring the inner worlds.

Like the old practices from the Far East, such as Zen and Taoism, it is only when we open our inner eye that we can comprehend the illusions of reality. This knowledge is now becoming accessible to everyone. At its very essence, brainwave entrainment has its roots buried deep inside the nature of consciousness.

With this in mind, it is clear to discover how brainwave entrainment has begun to directly affect other fields of consciousness exploration.  The technology is now being recognized as an effective and pertinent method to bring change into an individual's life, much in the comparable fashion as meditation.  Today brainwave entrainment opens meditation up to an entirely new field of the population and allows it to serve many other functions.  For instance, the technology is on a regular basis used in therapy including both the hypnotherapy and the psychiatry varieties.  There is naturally an whole different face to brainwave entrainment, which has allowed people to discover experiences that were at one time far beyond the means of the average person.